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For The Love Of Cheese & People

Cheese Celebration was born out of the passion for cheese and the love to bring people together. Founded by Cheesemonger – Ramona, Cheese Celebration source and select some of the finest artisan cheeses in the world and bring them to you through a curated experience.

Ramona spent the first 10 years of her career working for luxury international hotel brands around the world. Her love for food and people started when she worked as an event manager at a five-star luxury resort in Italy. After putting together countless weddings and celebrations, she knew her life calling was to create lifetime memories filled with joy & happiness for people through food.

Ramona’s passion for traveling took her to many countries around the world, before finally finding her little piece of heaven here in Sydney with her partner Ray. In 2015, she took the opportunity to work for one of the Australia’s largest cheese importer and wholesaler. She quickly gained her knowledge, experience and a deep understanding of cheese and cheese making. With her Italian background and growing up in a dairy farm in the hilly suburbs of Parma, a small city in the Emilia Romagna region (the birthplace of world-renowned Parmesan) in Italy, also helped her to connect and access to many cheese markers, farmhouses, and suppliers in Europe.

At Cheese Celebration, we want to ignite everyone’s sense and taste the indulgent complexities of the world of cheese! We are committed to sharing our passion and love for Cheese with our customers through exceptional customer service.

For us, it’s all about using cheese and food as a form of connection, expressing gratitude, celebrating those special moments in life, and creating memories that you’ll cherish forever.