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My Valentine’s Gift Hamper


Please place your order by Wednesday, 12th Feb


Cheeses & Accompaniments: 

  • Traditional French Camembert Rouzaire 250g
  • Pecorino Cacio di Bosco with truffle DOP 250g 
  • Godminster Vintage Cheddar – Heart Shape 200g
  • A packet of Pane Croccante crispbread 135g
  • Fresh strawberries & grapes
  • Lindt chocolates


All our cheese are freshly cut and meticulously prepared to ensure they are in the best condition before delivery.  All items are nestled in a bed of straw and beautifully packaged in a rustic white wooden hamper box, together with cheese tasting notes. Perfect for Valentine’s day gift and celebration.



Milk: cow | Type: semi hard | Origin: UK

The classic and highly popular flavour of Godminster in an individual heart shaped wax – a perfect gift and a fun addition to your cheese board. Godminster is a firm pressed, distinctively waxed cheddar with a rich, mellow, full lingering flavour. Handmade in Somerset, UK from the farm’s own cattle, this vintage cheddar has a memorable and exceptionally creamy full flavour.



Milk: sheep and cow | Type: semi hard | Origin: Italy 

Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo is one of the finest Tuscan pecorino made from both sheep’s and cow’s milk and has tiny specks dark truffles scattered throughout its friable pate. The taste is a beautiful balance of the sweet, nutty, nearly caramelized pasteurised sheep’s milk against the strong aroma of truffle. The balance of flavour is pleasant, delivering a slightly sour, truffle endowed earthy profile.


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