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The ‘CONNOISSEUR’ – Cheese Hamper


The CHEESE CONNOISSEUR HAMPER is perfect for cheese lovers whether is for a gift or for entertaining, it will be a memorable experience!There is no skimping on flavour with this selection of gourmet goodies! Includes a selected range of five popular artisan cheeses from all over the World to match with two delicious high quality accompaniments.


What’s included in the ‘CONNOISSEUR’ hamper


  • Holy Goat Skyla 110g – A multi award winning cheese from Victoria, recognised as one of Australia’s best. It is handmade with 100% organic goat milk and it has a fresh, clean and citrusy flavour with a subtle nutty note from the wrinkly white rind. 
  • Epoisse AOP 250g – A world famous pungent cow’s milk washed rind, washed in Marc de Bourgogne. The exact translation of Epoisse is: ‘completely worth the effort’ or ‘stinky but incredibly loveable’ because the end result, a custardy bacon bomb, is oh-so-worth-it!
  • Comte AOP 250g -It’s considered one of the finest cheese in the World. It is a hard mountain cheese matured to perfection in the silence and darkness of special caves in the Comte Region of France, where the cheese gets its unique taste, texture and colour.
  • Manchego 250g – One of the most popular and ancient artisan Spanish cheeses from La Mancha region. It is smooth, nutty and fruity with all the classic flavour of sheep’s milk, rubbed with olive oil.
  • Roquefort AOP 125g – One of the World best blue vein cheeses, with a strong and bold flavour. It’s made of raw sheep’s milk from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.


  • A packet of Pane Croccante Plain crispbread 135g
  • A Golden Blossom Premium Honeycomb 180g

All our cheese are freshly cut and meticulously prepared to ensure they are in the best condition before delivery.  All items are nestled in a bed of straw and beautifully packaged in a rustic white wooden hamper box, together with cheese tasting notes. Perfect for entertaining or simply as a give away gift.

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