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The ‘C’EST MAGNIFIQUE’ – French Hamper


The ‘C’EST MAGNIFIQUE’ French Hamper is a collection of the best French artisan cheeses and premium accompaniments that we curated for you to experience the french flavours at its best. French cuisine is considered for some, the best in the world, food in the French culture is sacred and a meal is usually a leisurely affair; every ingredient is carefully chosen to match each other harmonically. With this hamper we want to take your through a journey of French flavours and make you feel like you are in Paris for a day. We can ensure you that this selection will have you say “Oh la la!!”


What’s included in the ‘C’EST MAGNIFIQUE’ hamper


  • Delice des Cremiers 200g – an indulgent triple cream brie from Bourgogne
  • Langres AOP 180g – a popular cow’s milk creamy washed rind cheese with a lingering flavour from Champagne-Ardenne Region. Champagne or Burgundy Brandy poured into the ‘fountaine’ is the traditional way of enjoying this cheese
  • Roquefort AOP 125g – one of the World best blue vein cheeses, with a strong and bold flavour. It’s made of raw sheep’s milk from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon


  • A packet of Barossa Bark crispbread with sesame seeds, 100g
  • A ‘City Larder Duck & Cherry’ pate 150g
  • A Delicious Pickles Not So Sweet Chips 700g

All our cheese are freshly cut and meticulously prepared to ensure they are in the best condition before delivery.  All items are nestled in a bed of straw and beautifully packaged in a rustic white wooden hamper box, together with cheese tasting notes. Perfect for entertaining or simply as a give away gift.


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