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Four unique and different cheeses to grace your dinner table and get everyone talking. Selections may be seasonal to showcase cheeses in their prime, but you can look forward to receiving a combination that embodies the perfect balance and harmony. 


Ideal for a picnic/happy hour/lunch or dinner (serve 2)

  • The box includes: four artisan cheeses of the day and cut at approximately 100g/125g each (one soft, one washed rind, one matured and one blue vein)
  • Cheeses are selected according to what’s good in season or what’s tasting great at the moment, however we can satisfy your special requests upon availability. 
  • Also comes with crispbread and a little sweet jam to compliment the cheeses (The jam flavour will be picked according to the selection of cheeses)

All our cheese are freshly cut and meticulously prepared to ensure they are in the best condition before delivery. All items are nestled in a bed of straw and beautifully packaged in an environmentally friendly box, together with cheese tasting notes. Perfect for entertaining or simply as a give away gift.


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