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Cheese Club & Monthly Subscription

Amazing Cheese. Delivered Monthly

Be part of our Cheese Club and monthly cheese subscription. Explore the world of cheese and discover a variety of new flavours and texture, handpicked by our team.

Discover. Taste. Enjoy.

Treat Yourself or Someone else

Every month, we hand-select incredible cheese and accompaniment pairings. If you love cheese with a heart to explore, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Your Favourite Cheese

We deliver each month directly to your door. Every box is expertly packed in our premium gift box to ensure quality and freshness. We guarantee it.

Make You & Them Cheese Happy

The best part! Get together with someone and enjoy. Each box is a chance to savor some quality time with the amazing people in your life.

How Does It Work?

Each month you will receive 4 different varieties of perfectly-aged, specialty cheese carefully selected by our team and chosen exclusively for their incredible flavor, texture, what’s best in season, and in the best condition. Each monthly shipment will contain approximately 500g to 600g of cheese which is enough for around 4 to 6 people to enjoy. Plus a fine accompaniment that pairs perfectly with the cheese selection. Included with each delivery you will find a helpful and detailed cheese tasting note to guide you through your new cheese selections. You can learn about the history, origin and flavor profile of your cheese along with suggested wine pairings and serving suggestions to enrich your experience. With our 12 months subscription, we guarantee that you’ll never get the same cheese twice in a 12 month period. That’s 48 different cheeses in 1 year.

Our subscriptions are a must for the adventurous gourmand and an excellent educational experience for budding connoisseurs. The ultimate gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, milestone birthday, or for the true cheese aficionado!

Our subscriptions are sent out on the first Thursday of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cheese do I receive every month?

Each month we bring you four different cheeses from all over the world. Some of them could be winners of the latest cheese competition, classical favourites that we alway love, or speciality artisan cheeses that hard to find in your local grocery stores. They are chosen for their flavor, texture and balance. We will try to have one soft, one washed mine, one blue and one hard cheese. We never repeat any of our monthly selections during any 12-month period. Each selection is freshly cut just prior to shipping from wheels or blocks, and carefully prepared and packaged for you. It’s quite labor intensive and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes.

How much cheese do I get for my monthly subscription?

Each monthly delivery includes 4 different selections weight roughly from 100g to 150g each with a generous 500g to 600g in total. That’s more than enough for 4 to 6 people to share. Although we know most of you might not want to because they are just too good

Can I choose the kind of cheese I receive?

Part of the fun of each monthly delivery is the surprise of experiencing our latest selections for the first time. We do encourage everyone to try new cheeses and discover your new favourites. However, you just can’t stand a particular cheese, for example, a stinky blue. Please email us at info@cheesecelebration.com.au. We are more than happy to include a substitute instead in your monthly delivery.
When does it gets delivered?

We deliver our subscription box on the first Thursday of each month. If somehow you missed your delivery on that day. We will have second delivery scheduled on the weekend of that same week.

Could I send this as a gift to someone?

Absolutely! In fact, our subscription box is a perfect gift for anyone or any occasions. Everything will be packed in a beautiful premium magnetic gift box, and we will also add a handwritten card with a personalised message for you. We guarantee that your recipient will be thanking you for the amazing gift!

Do you deliver Australia wide?

We can only offer delivery within Sydney metro at this stage. To ensure your cheese arrives in the perfect condition, we do our own delivery. We’d love to share our amazing cheese subscription box with cheese lovers outside of NSW. But until we can find a reliable nationwide courier service that we can trust and look after your cheese as much as we do. Please stay tuned!

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